protects your PC with a USB flash drive

8 steps you should take to secure your PC

PREDATOR will efficiently prevent people from using your computer without your knowledge if you take the following security measures:

1. Define a strong and unique Windows password. This password protects you from someone taking full control of your computer by restarting Windows in Safe Mode, or by killing the Predator process while opening a new Windows session. If your password is at least 12 characters long and returns 0 result when searched on Google, it is strong. It should also be unique: do not use the same password to protect your mailbox or to access any internet account. Google "create user password Windows" to learn how to protect your Windows user account with a password.
2. Encrypt your files. Use BitLocker or EFS (Encrypting File System) if available in your edition of Windows, or install TrueCrypt. File encryption protects you from someone accessing your data by rebooting your computer with a Linux CD.
3. Disable the Autorun functionality in Windows. When a removable media (CD, DVD and some USB flash drives) that contains an Autorun program is inserted, the system automatically executes the program without requiring user intervention, even if your computer has been locked by Predator. This means that someone could mount a CD-Rom with an autorun program which would install malware in your PC.
Google "How to disable the Autorun functionality in Windows" to find how to disable it permanently, or check the "Disable Autorun" option in PREDATOR's settings to disable it when your session is locked.
4. Enable Windows Updates to keep your computer patched against known vulnerabilities.
5. Enable Windows Firewall to prevent unauthorized programs from accessing the network.
6. Allow your antivirus software to download daily updates.
7. Do not use software from untrusted sources. Trusted sources are the websites of the software creators and their original CDs or DVDs. Software repositories, P2P downloads, CD or DVD copies should be considered unsafe.
8. Be the unique user of your computer. Do not create additional user accounts. Never allow anyone to use your PC. It takes only 10 seconds to a hacker for installing a trojan program from the internet into your computer.

Finally, install PREDATOR. Define a strong PREDATOR password. Configure PREDATOR to autostart with Windows. Check the Protect Preferences option. Uncheck the Enable Pause and Enable Exit options. Enable Twitter log replication.

Edited on Thu, 03 Jan 13