protects your PC with a USB flash drive

Download and install PREDATOR

Current release: v3.1.1.223 - Nov 12, 2014

See What has changed since the previous version
Before installing PREDATOR, verify that your computer meets the requirements and secure your PC.

Licensing details

Installation notes

  • If you are already using an earlier release of this software then you must uninstall it first
  • Download the installation file using the links below ; optionally, you can confirm the integrity of your download
  • The installation file is a Zip archive: extract its contents into My Documents
  • Start InstallPredator.exe. When prompted for an installation folder, accept the default path "C:\Program Files\Predator3\" or select another folder on your hard drive, but do not select a folder on your USB flash drive. Never install PREDATOR on removable media.
  • Read "Running PREDATOR for the first time" to learn how to initialize your USB flash drive.
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If you are already using the version 2 of this software read How to upgrade from version 2 to the new version 3

Download Predator Professional Edition

Try the Professional Edition before buying, or upgrade to the latest Professional release.
This package offers all the features of the Professional version for a free one-month evaluation period.
After this delay, it will permanently revert to the Free Edition version, unless you decide to purchase a Professional license.

Download Predator Free Edition

PREDATOR Free Edition has the basic features required for the protection of your home computer.

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