protects your PC with a USB flash drive

Download and install PREDATOR

Current release: v3.0.1.145 - Sep 15, 2014

See What has changed since the previous version
Before installing PREDATOR, verify that your computer meets the requirements and secure your PC.

Licensing details

Installation notes

If you are already using an earlier version of this software read How to upgrade to the new version

Else if you are installing the software for the first time:

  • Download and extract its contents into My Documents
  • Start InstallPredator.exe. When prompted for an installation folder, accept the default path "C:\Program Files\Predator3\" or select another folder on your hard drive, but do not select a folder on your USB flash drive. Never install PREDATOR on removable media.
  • Read "Running PREDATOR for the first time" to learn how to initialize your USB flash drive.
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Download Predator Professional Edition

Try the Professional Edition before buying, or upgrade to the latest Professional release.
This package offers all the features of the Professional version for a free one-month evaluation period.
After this delay, it will permanently revert to the Free Edition version, unless you decide to purchase a Professional license.

Download Predator Free Edition

PREDATOR Free Edition has the basic features required for the protection of your home computer.

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