PREDATOR Key Manager

When passkeys are enabled on a computer, any unregistered USB flash drive which has been initialized with the Key Manager will be automatically registered as a new PREDATOR key.

The PREDATOR Key Manager is located in Start Menu / All Programs / Predator / Predator Key Manager.

Administrator privileges are required, so Windows opens the User Access Control dialog if this feature is enabled on your computer:

Windows UAC dialog

Click the Yes button to obtain the administrative rights.
Then the PREDATOR Key Manager window is loaded:

the PREDATOR Key Manager

To initialize a batch of passkeys

To use the passkeys


Show ID

Check this option to display the Passkey ID text, which is hidden by default.

Passkey ID

Choose a password and enter it in this field, it will copied to your passkey.
It must match the password that has been entered in the "Passkey ID" of the Administration tool of the computer where the key will be used.

End date

Enter an expiration date in this field. After this date, your passkeys will no longer register automatically.

List Fixed

If you don't see your flash drive in the "Select Drive" dropdown list then check the "List Fixed" checkbox. As a matter of fact, some USB flash drives (mainly from SanDisk) are identified as fixed drives by Windows.

Select Drive

Select the drive letter corresponding to your flash drive from this dropdown list.

Drive name

Enter a descriptive name in this field, for instance the name of the owner of this key. It will be displayed in the list of keys of the Preferences window of the computer(s) where this key is registered.

Update button

Click this button to write the passkey information on the USB flash drive. Then you can remove it from the USB port.


This list shows all the passkeys which have been created during this session.


Click this button to clear the Log.