Password Dialog

When PREDATOR has locked your session, if somebody types some key(s) on your keyboard, or moves the mouse, PREDATOR displays a password dialog with a countdown.
If this person enters invalid passwords, or if the password dialog times out, PREDATOR triggers an alarm.

the Password Dialog
PREDATOR's Password Dialog

A 20 seconds countdown starts. At this point, you are supposed to insert your flash drive, or to type your password (the one you have defined in the program's Settings) to unlock your session.

If the flash drive has not been inserted after 10 seconds, or if the correct password has not been typed, the PC starts beeping.

If an invalid password has been typed or if the Password Dialog timed out, PREDATOR does the following:

Furthermore, PREDATOR will take these actions, if you have configured them:

You can configure these actions with the settings form.

All access attempts are recorded in the Log. Later, when you finally unlock your session, PREDATOR will automatically show this log to inform you about this intrusion.