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Email is easy to configure if you have already an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird installed in your computer: simply open its configuration window and copy its settings into the corresponding PREDATOR's fields.
If you have no email client installed in your PC and are using a web-based email service like gmail or hotmail instead, you'll find the settings in your email provider's support site.

SMTP server

The name of the server that PREDATOR will use to send mail. If you can't find your SMTP server name in your installed email client, then look at your ISP or email provider's support site.

Email from

This is your own email address that will show in the "From" field of the message. Many SMTP servers require that you put your real address here.

Email to

This is the email address the message will be sent to.


The subject of the message, for example: "Predator Alarm"


A single line of text that will copied into the message, for example: "Sent from my office"

Restart PREDATOR after changing any Network settings.

Secure Email

Some SMTP servers require user authentication via SSL or STARTTLS. This is usually the case with web-based email services like gmail.


This parameter define the protocol used by PREDATOR to connect to the SMTP server.
There are 3 possible values in this dropdown list:


The SSL/STARTTLS ports default to 465, but if your provider uses another port, enter it here. For example Gmail's STARTTLS uses port #587.
The SMTP protocol uses always port #25, so any port number defined here will be ignored.


Your username for sending SSL/STARTTLS email, usually it is your email address.


Your email password.

Example of Email configuration for Gmail:

Gmail requires SSL, so we select the SSL protocol:

In this example, PREDATOR will send mail from the jsmith account at Gmail to the jsmith account at Verizon.

Additionally, Gmail requires that you allow deskop applications to send mail through their SMTP server. Follow their guidelines at "Change account access for less secure apps".

Restart PREDATOR after changing any Network settings.


You may use an FTP server as an alternative to Email, to store remotely the pictures taken by PREDATOR.

FTP server

The name of the FTP server PREDATOR will connect to. You'll find it in your ISP's support website.


Your FTP user name.


Your FTP password.

Remote directory

The directory in your FTP home where PREDATOR will upload the picture files. Leave this input field empty to upload the pictures in your home directory.

Restart PREDATOR after changing any Network settings.